can be held anywhere at any time. You have to be over 18 years of age, not currently married to someone else and not wanting to marry a close relative.People  from overseas can also be married here. 

The first step is to contact me at least a month before the date and we will have an obligation free meeting to check compatibility, if you want to go ahead I will ask you to fill in a Notice of Intent to Marry (NOIM) and pay $150 non refundable deposit that secures your time and date.

Marriage ceremonies in Australia
Legal Bits

The NOIM is the legal form to be completed and submitted to me as the celebrant at least one month before the intended wedding date, this form is valid for eighteen months.

During the ceremony, the Monitum and legal vows must be spoken and heard by the two witnesses who must be over the age of 18 years.

Three certificates must be signed on the day, one of those is for the couple, one for my records and one to be submitted to BDM.

After the close of the ceremony, I have 14 days to submit all paperwork to the office of Birth, Deaths and Marriage.

On the Day

There is still much to do on the day, I will arrive at least 40 minutes before the ceremony for set up and last minute checks. There will be three certificates for you the couple, myself as celebrant and two witnesses to sign before the close of the ceremony and then the presentation of the married couple and my job is finished.


Saying Goodbye

death a natural end to life

Cemetery Service

If you want to book me for a cemetery ceremony you can contact me direct or give my details to your funeral director and they will contact me on your behalf

Memorial Service

A memorial service can be held in a favourite  park, riverside, at the beach or any location special to you and your family


The ceremony is held within the home before or after death with or without coffin

I am available for pre - funeral planning and end of life support

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Intimate Ceremonies in the Life Cycle

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